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The College has created an online policy manual as a repository for all college-wide and administrative unit policies. Please refer to the college-wide policy page for all updated references to existing college policies.

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Below is a list of policies regarding Records & Registration activities and procedures.

Our Policies

II.3.50 Absence Policy
V.3.24 Change of Major
V.3.26 Diploma Replacement
V.3.27 FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
V.3.28 Hold Flags
V.3.29 International Domestic Exchange
V.3.30 Changes to Personal Information
V.3.31 Permission to Audit
V.3.32 Transcripts
V.3.33 Enrollment Verification
V.3.34 Withdrawing from the College
V.3.35 Graduation with Honors
V.3.36 Incomplete and In Progress Grade
V.3.37 Placement Testing
V.3.38 Probation Dismissal and Academic Standing
V.3.39 Registration
V.3.40 Residency for Tuition Purposes
V.3.41 Service Indicators
V.3.42 Withdrawal-Attendance Processes for Students Called for Military Services
V.3.43 Withdrawing from a Course
V.3.44 Graduate Admissions – Confidentiality Policy
V.3.45 Graduate Admissions – Standardized Test Scores
V.3.46 Graduate Admissions – Graduate Programs and Degrees Defined