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TCNJ Weather Notification – Update

WEATHER UPDATE: Due to the worsening winter storm conditions, TCNJ is now closed today, Thursday, March 5. All on-campus classes are canceled and offices are closed.

Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 8:28 am

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Please read the instructions carefully, answer ALL questions, and get ALL signatures before bringing or mailing your form to The Office of Records and Registration.

Title Description Signature(s)
AP Rejection Form Students may reject AP credit by filling out, signing and returning this form to Records & Registration.
  • Student
Audit Course Students desiring to audit courses must obtain permission from the Registrar.
  • Student
Authorization to Disclose Education Information A written consent form the student signs which gives the College the right to disclose their education records to the authorized recipient.
  • Student
Change of Address and Preferred Name on PAWS Students can change their addresses and preferred name under the “Personal Information” section of the PAWS Student Center.
Change of Name Students can change their name with appropriate documentation. Names cannot be changed after graduation without a court order.
  • Student
Undergraduate Change of Major Students must submit this form with the proper signatures when required to change their Program/Plan (Change of Major).
  • Student
  • Department Chair(s)
Undergraduate Course Authorization Students may obtain advanced approval to enroll in course(s) at another college or university and ensure that if successfully completed, will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Academic Evaluator
  • Department Chair (for Major Credit)
Replacement Diploma Request Form Students may request a replacement diploma.
  • Student
Enrollment Verification Students may request an Enrollment/ Attendance Verification Letter on PAWS. Students are encouraged to attach to the certificate the Director of Records & Registration’s letter notifying Guarantors and Lenders that the NSC serves as The College’s official agent for all degree and enrollment verifications.
Graduation Application Students can apply for Graduation on PAWS starting August 2009.
Independent Study or Mentored Research Enrollment Form Students must submit this form at the time of registration. A copy of the Independent Study or Mentored Research proposal must accompany this form.
  • Student
  • Faculty Sponsor
  • Department Chair
Interdisciplinary Concentration Every TCNJ Student must complete a liberal learning breadth requirement in order to graduate. This can be done in one of three available options on the form.
  • Student
  • Concentration Sponsor
  • Major Advisor
 Internship Enrollment Form Students must submit this form at the time of registration. A copy of the Internship proposal must accompany this form.
  • Student
  • Faculty Supervisor
  • Department Chair
Minor Form Students must submit this form at least one semester before graduation.
  • Student
  • Department Chair
International/Domestic Course Form Students must submit this form the semester prior to their exchange.  Upon completion of your courses, an official transcript must be sent directly to our office.
  • Student
New Jersey Dream Act Students who have a status of undocumented and are requesting in-state tuition rates must complete this form.
  • Student
Repeat of Course Authorization Form Student must submit this form to repeat a course after the second time at which permission is needed by corresponding departments.
  • Student
  • Department Chair (Major)
  • Department Chair (Offering)
Repeat of Course Notification Form Students must submit this form to re-calculate their GPA.
  • Student
Residency Analysis Form The College of New Jersey requests this information for the purpose of determining residence classification pursuant to New Jersey Statute 18A:62.4 (residency requirement) and N.J.S.A. 18A:62.4.1 (resident tuition for military personnel).
  • Student
Self-Designed Major Application Students interested in earning a degree in an area of study that is not currently offered by the college may propose a self-designed major.  A student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 to be eligible to submit a proposal.
  • Student
  • Major Advisor (1) [Principal Mentor]
  • Major Advisor (2)
  • Department Chair (1)
  • Department Chair (2)
  • Department Chair (3)
  • Self-Designed Major Committee Chair
Student Privacy Form Students may submit this form to rescind authorization for the release of personal “Directory Information”.
  • Student
Transcript Request Form Students may request “official” academic transcripts.
Ungraded Option Students must designate a course as “Ungraded Option” within the first 2 weeks of the semester.
  • Student
Voter Registration Application Eligible students may register to vote.
Withdrawal Request Forms:


While an advisor’s signature is not necessary, students are encouraged to be proactive by seeking academic advisement before withdrawing from a course.
  • Student

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